Class 12 Physics Chapter 12 Case Study Question Wave Optics PDF Download

In Class 12 Boards there will be Case studies and Passage Based Questions will be asked, So practice these types of questions. Study Rate is always there to help you. Free PDF Download of CBSE Class 12 Physics Chapter 12 Atoms Case Study and Passage Based Questions with Answers were Prepared Based on Latest Exam Pattern. Students can solve NCERT Class 12 Physics Atoms to know their preparation level.

In CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper, Students will have to answer some questions based on Assertion and Reason. There will be a few questions based on case studies and passage-based as well. In that, a paragraph will be given, and then the MCQ questions based on it will be asked.

Atoms Case Study Questions With answers

Here, we have provided case-based/passage-based questions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 12 Atoms

Case Study/Passage Based Questions

Read Bohr’s model explains the spectral lines of the hydrogen atomic emission spectrum. While the electron of the atom remains in the ground state, its energy is unchanged. When the atom absorbs one or more quanta of energy, the electrons move from the ground state orbit to an excited state orbit that is farther away.

The given figure shows an energy level diagram of the hydrogen atom. Several transitions are marked as I, II, III, and so on. The diagram is only indicative and not to scale

In which transition is a Balmer series photon absorbed?
(a) II (b) III
(c) IV (d) VI

Answer: (d) VI

The wavelength of the radiation involved in transition II is
(a) 291 nm (b) 364 nm
(c) 487 nm (d) 652 nm

Answer: (c) 487 nm

Which transition will occur when a hydrogen atom is irradiated with radiation of wavelength 1030 nm?
(a) I (b) II (c) IV (d) V

Answer:(d) V

Case Study/Passage Based Questions

Hydrogen spectrum consists of discrete bright lines in a dark background and it is specifically known as hydrogen emission spectrum. There is one more type of hydrogen spectrum that exists where we get dark lines on the bright background, it is known as absorption spectrum. Balmer found an empirical formula by the observation of a small part of this spectrum and it is represented by

For Lyman series, the emission is from the first state to nth state, for Paschen series, it is from the third state to nth state, for Brackett series, it is from fourth state to nth state, and for Pfund series, it is from the fifth state to nth state

Number of spectral lines in a hydrogen atom is
(a) 8 (b) 6 (c) 15 (d) ∞

Answer: (d) ∞

Which series of hydrogen spectrum corresponds to the ultraviolet region?
(a) Balmer series (b) Brackett series
(c) Paschen series (d) Lyman series

Answer: (d) Lyman series

Which of the following lines of the H-atom spectrum belongs to the Balmer series?
(a) 1025 Å (b) 1218 Å
(c) 4861 Å (d) 18751 Å

Answer: (c) 4861 Å

Rydberg constant is
(a) a universal constant
(b) same for same elements
(c) different for different elements
(d) none of these

Answer: (a) a universal constant

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