Tips to Crack JEE Mains 2022 in the First Attempt (Topper’s Tips for JEE Mains 2022)

A big Hii to all the students who want to Crack JEE Mains 2022 with a good percentile and good rank, and want to pursue engineering in good IITs, NIT’s, IIIT’s and tier-2 Colleges. In this article, we will discuss one of the best tips to crack JEE Mains 2022.

Pro-tip to Study for any Competitive Exam – Before studying for any exam, study that exam.

So first talk about what actually JEE Mains demands from you.

  1. Speed – You need to solve 75 questions in 3 hours. It means that you have 2 minutes 24 seconds for completing a problem. That is quite less.
  2. Temperament – Believe it or not. One 10 minute interval can destroy your entire paper if you lack this ability. Don’t question much. Many topper’s personally experienced this while giving mock tests.
  3. Knowledge – Wait ! Wait ! Wait ! Before you rant at me for telling something as normal as this, let me finish. You need knowledge that is right but what should be your approach. Should it be Master of few or should it be Jack of all ? Topper’s preferred the second approach.
  4. Luck – Sadly it also matters and since our NTA has come up with this concept of multiple shifts which is completely stupid, luck matters a lot in JEE Main exmaination.

Now we know, that what JEE Mains demands, now we will see that how to study for the Exam in the best way.

  1. Theory – Get your theory clear as fast as possible. Get some cheat sheets and always look at them. Also leaving a chapter entirely is a blunder and with bad luck it may cost you thousands of rank. As I have written before, Be jack of all trades. But don’t be misunderstood that you do not have to be master of any. You have to be master as JEE Advanced will have less time. Overall you need to follow both approaches but at different times.
  2. Practice like a mad. Initially start with 30 questions a day. Then gradually increase it. There is no upper limit. The more you do the questions more you become better. But here is another warning. Be careful of the plateu. Make sure that you increase the level of problems from day to day. Add a pinch of PYQ in these. Topper’s used to solve 150 questions a day.
  3. ROT NCERT CHEMISTRY !!! It may seem wrong but almost complete inorganic and some portions of organic, you have to rely on rot learning and there is no other way of doing them. You can not leave these topics because these topics are your time saver in final JEE Main exam.
  4. REVISE !!! It is very crucial. Think of your prepration as iron sword. If you would not use it often, it will rust out and get destroyed. This can be a crucial factor between your success and failure at JEE Main. Lay emphasis on this.
  5. DO MOCK TESTS !!! Without attempting mock test, it is like a soldier without any war experience going to fight a war. I did this mistake JEE JAN 2020 and a well deserved 99.5 percentile changed to horrendous 97.79 percentile.

More tricks and tips:

  1. Just solve all previous year question paper atleast 3 to 4 times.
  2. Don’t solve your previous paper in books or pdf form go on website called embibe and you can attempt previous year paper as a live test with clock and all.
  3. Make your notes or buy some good notes.Check for Study Material for JEE.
  4. Just remember all repeated questions.
  5. Give as many tests as you can.
  6. If you find a topic difficult see some of the previous year questions of that topic. If that topic has variety of questions then skip it , otherwise just remember the 2-3 question pattern don’t waste your time on studying the topic again.
  7. Never keep any mental block , like I score this much score only. Just keep your mind away from such thoughts.

Toppers suggestions:

  1. Don’t quit. Ever. This is the single reason why people fail in JEE. They stop studying for sometime during the 2 years. I know some not-so-smart people who cleared JEE only because they were focused for two years. In fact these 2 years made them really smart.
  2. Don’t get left behind. This is the second reason why people fail. People start ignoring topics. They start fooling themselves. They don’t clear their doubts. This is very bad. Ask your doubts to your teachers. As soon as a topic starts, make sure you get hold of it. If you don’t – study/clear your doubts instead of procrastinating.
  3. Get yourself a mentor. Get hold of someone who has cleared the exam. Someone who can guide you at a personal level. Or even a source of inspiration. it could be a teacher, a senior, a relative – anyone. Stay in touch and sort your issues out with them. If you can’t find a mentor, you can use AcadBoost to get some guidance for JEE 🙂
  4. Don’t solve too many books. There are a few standard books (coaching sheets, HCV, NCERT, past papers, etc) They are enough. Anything more is for AIR top 100. For that, you can check out my other answers.
  5. Track your progress. Make sure you know your weak and strong points. Learn from your mistakes. Know you standing. Once you have these statistics, you can improve your learning process and achieve much more success.

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